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Using the Harvey Deprimer

Harvey Deprimer Tool Quick Review

The Harvey Deprimer decapper makes decapping fast, clean and easy!

Reviewing The Harvey Deprimer

Harvey De-priming Tool

Harvey Deprimer Tool Review

Harvey Deprimer Review


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“I got the tool today and used it while I watched a movie with my wife. I deprimed at LEAST 500 rounds! I gave it to my 6 year old daughter and she was doing it! WOW! What a great tool!”
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“It is nothing short of ingenious!! I know it's simple, I know it is not overly complex but I am massively impressed with it.”
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"This is so much easier than the long pull on my press"
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"Thank you, great design and simple effortless operation. My 75 year old hands really needed this easy to use tool. Thanks again."
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"I just wanted to pass a message that I broke the original pin in my deprimer. This is something I had anticipated when I originally purchased my Harvey Deprimer and I bought 2 spare pins. What I could never have anticipated is decapping nearly 100,000 cases before breaking. Even when it broke, I was using it wrong since the pin point hadn’t been completely inserted into the primer hole. To say I’m satisfied with your product is an understatement. I’ve given your tools as gifts and always pimped them to all my friends who are reloaders. I still have 1 spare pin and hope it lasts half as long as the original. Keep up the good work."

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