There is a lot of abrasive grit and grime in the primer pocket. If you deprime before reloading and then clean, the tumbling media cleans out the flash hole. This prevents dirt and grime from falling into your reloading equipment. This allows the new primer to seat properly. A large percentage of misfires are due to issues with primers. Since the Deprimer fits multiple calibers, you save time by sorting cases by caliber as you deprime.

The Harvey Deprimer is easy, convenient, and quick to use. It frees you from standing at your reloading bench and doesn’t take up space. You do not need dies or shell holders. It is so simple and enjoyable, you can have fun depriming all day long.

You need to remove the spent primer so you can add a new primer and reload the round.

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Absolutely. Click here to visit our Shop and select a standalone 0.07″ or 0.06″ to purchase.

We are in Albany, Oregon, a hardworking manufacturing and research town that prides itself as the “rare metals capital of the world”

At 1.5mm, Lapua flash holes are smaller than the flash holes most other ammo manufacturers use. That’s why we include a narrower 0.06″ pin with your Harvey Deprimer purchase. You can also buy an additional 0.06″ pin separately.

The Harvey Deprimer works with well with any pistol and rifle rounds from a 9mm to a 408 CheyTac.

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