Weight: 9 ounces

Outside Length: 5 inches

Outside width:  1 inch

Depriming pin diameter: .07"

Constructed from 01 tool steel heat treated to Rockwell 50C

Maximum case length: 3.075 inches 

Maximum case width: .62 inches 

Maximum case rim:    .75 inches

Machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum.

Black anodized finish provides a durable protective finish that resists scratching, chipping, and abrasive cleaning solvents. 

The Harvey Deprimer, invented and manufactured in Oregon.

To order see the "On Line Store" or money order to:

Harvey Deprimer

115 W. Airport Road

Lebanon Oregon 97355


 "Why should I deprime first and not when I am resizing and save time?"

There is a lot of abrasive grit and grime in the primer pocket.  If you deprime before reloading, then clean, the tumbling media cleans out the flash hole.  This prevents dirt and grime from falling into your reloading equipment.

This is allows the new primer to seat properly.  A large percentage of misfires are due to issues with primers.

Since the Deprimer fits multiple calibers, you save time by sorting cases by caliber as you deprime.

" I already have a separate press set up to deprime do I do not need your tool?" 

The Deprimer gives you more options.  Just as you have different firearms for different purposes or different powders for different loads. 

Our tool gives you the flexibility to deprime away from the bench.

It is fast.

You do not need dies or shell holders.

Frees up valuable work space on your bench since you no longer need a dedicated bench mounted deprimer.