UNIVERSAL HAND HELD DEPRIMING TOOL DEPRIMES ALL MAJOR CASES WITHOUT A PRESS.                                                                                                   
                                                                 KEEP THE GRIT AND GRIME FROM THE FLASH POCKET OUT OF YOUR DIES AND PRESS!    

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Instruction page

Hold deprimer in one hand with the lever and depriming rod open


Place case with spent primer on depriming rod

Place depriming pin into the flash hole of the case.

Push the depriming rod back into the handle
If the depriming pin is not in the flash hole, the case will not insert into the handle.

Tilt wrist back to keep deprimer rod in the handle and squeeze the lever.

The primer will pop out easily when the pin is inserted correctly in the flash hole.

When the spent primer pops out, relax your grip, tilt wrist forward and the deprimed case will fall free.




Harvey Deprimer is to be used only with discharged primers.  If you have unfired primers that need to be removed, we recommend discharging the primers first with the proper firearm.  If the primer cannot be discharged, we recommend disposing of the case in an appropriate manner.  Safety glasses should also be worn for eye protection.

Instruction page
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